Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your proper to know: Newest property transfers and constructing permits

Property transfers

Brian W. Jennings to Benjamin W. Abbott. Lot 3, Part 4, Woodland Heights, $147,000

Monica J. Mikuen, Scott T. Mikuen & Sean R. Mikuen to Engelbert Andrade Jr. Lot 15C, Lakeview Subdivision, $238,000

Morcom, Philip A. Builders Inc. to Ricky Lee and Marilyn Jean Barbour. Lot 44, Nice Ridge Estates, $476,500

Nadia Properties LLC at Sanya Ventures LLC. Lot 6, Part 1, Forest Park, $200,000

Laura L. Corey at Tecoma Braxton JR. and Amy Marie Braxton. 303 Clark Avenue, $160,400

Carolyn Fay Burks to Steven C. White. Land, .74 acre, close to Coolwell Street, $35,000

Cascio Properties LLC to Joseph Ryan Heller. 117 Woodys Lane, $174,900

Persons are additionally studying…

Stable Rock Properties LLC to Rose Petal LLC. Lot 8, Rosewood Subdivision, $130,000

Steven H. and Tracey D. Clarke to David M. Ferguson and Betsy Ferguson. 181 Mobley Mountain Street, $680,000

Countryside Land Firm LC to John W. and Angela M. Farrish. Parcel, one mile NE of Evergreen Village, 3,163 acres, $41,900

Bradley D. Foster to Janet L. Kaufmann. Lot 3B, Va. 641, 1,084 acres, $298,000

Sheila M. Roper, trustee of Katlynn N. Harvey. Parcel, Mountain View Street, 2.32 acres, $261,900

Virginia Elizabeth Steadman to William Douglas Schemeley Jr. and Ashley Marie Schemeley. Lot 5, Charleys Approach Estates subdivision, $45,000

Kenneth A. and Deborah W. Powell to Kristian Kane and Elena Grey Tibbetts. Land, throughout from Lee Grant Ave., 9.43 acres, $55,000

Cleveland Hugh Henningham to Corinne Delrose Thompson. Lot 1, Part 1, Valleywood Townhomes, $203,000

TPB Enterprises LLC to Jacqueline W. Huger. 1031 Brandon Courtroom, $519,900

Wayne E. Crouch and Cassandra N. Crouch in Osmel and Kiley Bartholomew Cardo. Parcel, 40,811 acres, Thaxton Mountain Street, $160,000

Jonathan Jesse Maldonado to Madelynne Oliva Edwards and Colby Thomas Bramlett. 1944 Dickerson Mil Street, $213,900

Allie St. Clair to Terry L. and Diane O. Gentry. 1200 Founding Approach Street, $287,900

Sue Klopfenstein in opposition to Peter and Robin Jewett. Lot 6, Part 4, Oilfield Village, $52,500

Peter James Wing to Kyle D. and Megan E. Sawyer. Lot 31, Part 2, Jefferson Woods, $305,000

Jennifer M. and Anthony R. Arrigo to Alyson L. Wright. 603 Westview Avenue, $382,000

Rebecca Perez to Karen Edith Murray. Lot 7, Highfields Subdivision, $162,000

CCM Rental Properties LLC to Moira Cassidy Watts and Mary Kathryn Cassidy. Unit 39, Section 4, Mariners Village condominium, $405,000

Ivalace LLC to The Michael Moorshead Revocable Belief and The Margaret H. Mooreshead Revocable Belief. Lot 42, Section 1, Grandview Course, $455,436.46

Fairness Belief Firm to Ryan C. and Cary A. Terry. Tons 1-9, Part 8 Subdivision, Gobblers Ridge Subdivision, $199,900

Candace Rivers to Keith Benny and Holly Hayden Tuck. 1786 Isle of Pines Drive, $452,400

Katherine H. McGhee to Jay E. Proehl. Parcel, off Joppa Mill Street, $170,000

Jason D. Watts to Constance J. Peresada. Lot 6, Part 1, Brookwood, $329,900

Bradley Holder and Brittany Perkins Holder to Michael H. Rightmyer. Lot 1, Ivy Grove, $420,000

Riley Johnson to Man R. and Sharon D. Hopkins. Lot 66, Sleepy Oak Park Villas, $298,900

Wray D. and Darlene T. Kimmel to Carleton S. and Ashley C. Clauss. Lot 23, Waterford, $1,620,000

KSM Holdings LLC to Ricky A. Thomas. 1225 Windsor Drive, $70,000

Robert F. Keating to Frank G. and Lisa Okay. Keating. Lot 47, Part 13, Farmington at Forest, $225,125

Barry Nichols, Rebecca N. Willie, Philip Kevin Nichols and Robert Okay. Nichols to Jackie and Tracy Waller. Parcel, off Nichols Farm Street, $100,000

Ricky L. and Marilyn J. Barbour to Jason and Sheila Swofford. Lot 11, Part 9, Russell Springs, $427,500

Eric Alan and Sharon Shelton Barringer to Leroy W. and Janice P. Gill. Lot 64, Poplar Ridge, $9,000

Glenn I. Carwile and Sharon Douglass Carwile at Glen I. Carwile. Tons 1 and a pair of, Part 2, Ivanhoe Farms, $100,000

Dewey Wayne and Donna H. Claybrook to Robert A. Edwards. Parcel, .882 acre, Va. 718, $189,000

Denise Marie Ditto at Moo Investments LLC. Lot B, West Quadrant, Timberlake, $400,000

Kent A. Drinkard to Charles and Sonya Shaughnessy. 1302 Nation Street, $92,000

James F. McDilda Jr. to James Roy and Christine Ann Elliott. 336 Hat Creek Street, $429,500

Flat Creek Properties LLC to Fairness Enterprise 1984 LLC. Tons 4 and 6, Part 3, Hyland Farm, $101,000

Mark Harris to Antonia and Amber Feagin. 134 Lakeside Drive, $289,000

Flat Creek Growth LLC to Status Kennel and Pet Companies Inc. 14004 Leesville Street, $400,000

Sunburst Properties LLC to Michael R. Jonzen. 129 Sunburst Villa Drive, $279,000

Lacy L. King and Edward E. Unger to Lee Ashton Lewis. 1008 Eighth Avenue, $65,000

Michael Everrette Morris Jr. and Jessica Kay Morris to Joseph Trazinski and Lillian Abbatacola. Lot 7, Brenleigh Grove, $275,000

Delta Daybreak Gibson at Andel Properties LLC. 3081 Fort Avenue, $99,000

Emily Lauren Anderson and Steven Lee Kadak to Kim Yuille. Tons 116-120, Bryant Subdivision, $264,900

Samuel W. Bennett to Noe R Loja Rios. 923 Monroe Avenue, $15,000

Joshua R. Rosene to Brandon Mark and Brittany Leigh Biggerstaff. 225 Winston Ridge Street, $123,000

Burgdash Properties LLC to MJD Builders Inc. 114, 118 & 119 Warfield Street, $135,000

Kimberly Ann Vess, Lloyd Michael Southhall-Vess and Cheryl Elizabeth Burgess at Kimberly Ann Vess. Lot A-1, Part 4-A, Richland Hills Subdivision, $150,000

Kodi A. Rath and Samantha M. Rath at Most popular Leases LLC. 1000 Taylor Avenue, $120,000

5 Parkwood Inc. to Foster Fuels Tank Acquisition LLC. 4235 and 4239 Boonsboro Street, $330,700

Larger Lynchburg Habitat For Humanity Inc. to James Lewis and Sarah Elizabeth Carrig. 1803 Floyd Avenue, $3,500

Judy Weinsheimer, John Elmore Schuttler, Sean Brooks Schuttler and Christopher Wyland Schuttler at Harmony Lake Haven Inc. Lot 5, Block Okay, Forest Townhouses, $80,000

Trinlie Anne Yeaman to Evan and Chelsea Corley. 2708 Anthony Place, $260,000

Kirk B. and Robin T. Fritz to Cody N. and Andrea A. Cotter. Lot 41, Part 1, Waterton, $879,618

DBI Capital Group LLC to NVR Inc. Tons 9A, 9B, 19A and 19B, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $155,000

Evelyn C. Marshall at Deut288 LLC. 702 Stuart Avenue, $88,000

James Hectare II at Hood Avenue Belief. 411 Hood Avenue, $90,000

Seth T. Maples and Sarah E. Maples to Jonathan Isaac Eubanks and Lauren Elizabeth Rancourt. Lot 7, Part V, Sheffield, $245,000

FAFO LLC to Taylor and Jessica Gantzert. 1117 Highland Drive, $254,900

Costella Jones to Terry and Jennifer Ferguson. Lot 19, Rutherford Townhouses, $58,000

NVR Inc. to Justin Forth. Lot 1A, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $309,075

R&C Properties LLC to Freeman Household Enterprises LLC. 1023 Farmington Drive, $275,000

Timothy N. Wright Jr. to Trevor Okay. Hays. 1116 Brandon Street, $194,000

Polly Pad LLC to Hubb Properties LLC. Tons 8-A and 11-A and a portion of 9-A and 10-A, Sundown Heights, $495,000

Duncan Garland and Heidi Helen Hughes to Robert and Shamika N. Woodruff. Lot 8, Trents Meadow Farm, $1,200,000

Improvements Property Options LLC to Upturn Estates LLC. 1212 Floyd Avenue, $30,000

JCA Holdings LLC to RJC Holdings LLC. 1664 Graves Mill Street, $620,000

Lloyd Howard Johnson at RB30 LLC. 1704 2nd Avenue, $32,500

Larger Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Corey Dwane LaPrade. 303 Walnut Avenue, $4,500

Jose Miguel and Carlie Christine Rey to Robert Lavender. 4620 Golf Park Drive, $209,900

Beulah T. Woodson to Cynthia W. Mann and Donna M. Woodson. Lot 9, Block 9, Golf Park, $95,800

James E. and Diana B. Norwood to William Lee and Katlin Main Pearce. Lot 11, Part 1, Boxwood Subdivision, $460,000

Thomas P. Peloso at fifth Avenue Growth LLC. 115 Federal Avenue, $69,000

NVR Inc. to James Paul and Linda Clara Poppy. Lot 8A, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $304,360

Constructing permits

Gold Leaf Property Administration, 151 Sunburst Villa Drive, basement end, $20,000

CC Lynchburg VA 2 LLC, 52 FNB Drive, industrial modifications, $600,000

Robert Goodwin Jr., Lot 39B, Hat Creek Street, new house, $249,522.07

MJS Enterprises VA LLC, 316 Village Freeway, metallic storage, $100,000

Watts Brothers LLC, lot 4, Hawkins, new house, $325,000

Kyle Garnett, 1376 Timberlake Drive, new building, $300,000

H&S Holding Properties LLC, 628 Goat Island Street, new house, $285,000

Rebecca Shumate, lot 21, Westview Circle, new house, $200,000

Clifford Leonard III, 252 Lavender Lane, new house, $200,000

H&S Holding Properties LLC, Lot 5, Goat Island Street, new house, $320,000

John Curia, 10137 Richmond Freeway, metallic constructing, $100,000

Tiffany Klein, 12059 Purple home Street, addition, $60,000

James Deacon Jr., 530 Poor Home Street, addition, $100,000

D3 Legacy Builders LLC, 2906 Waterlick Street, renovations, $50,000

Mary Fairchild, 758 Lynbrook Street, addition/modifications, $190,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 81 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 77 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 73 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 71 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 69 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 65 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 61 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 57 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

Yellow Department Properties LLC, 53 Attract Drive, townhouses, $220,000

21866 Timberlake LLC, 89 Lockridge Lane, home with patio, $400,000

21866 Timberlake LLC, 79 Lockridge Lane, home with patio, $400,000

21866 Timberlake LLC, 71 Lockridge Lane, home with patio, $400,000

21866 Timberlake LLC, 65 Lockridge Lane, home with patio, $400,000

21866 Timberlake LLC, 59 Lockridge Lane, home with patio, $400,000

Edward Walker, 5630 Dearborn Street, warehouse, $26,000

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