Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your proper to know: Newest property transfers and constructing permits

Property transfers

Cheverton Properties LLC to James E. Taylor and Rupali N. Shah. 636 Dillard Highway, $150,000

Christopher E. Duff to Katrina Lugo-Dimaso and Victor Dimaso. 220 Brightwells Mill Highway, $169,900

Cody A. Walker and Heather J. Walker to Samuel P. and Holly L. Hartman. 171 Stratford Place, $280,000

White Mountain Investments LLC to Rodney J. and Tina R. Simpson. Tons 12 and 13, Kentmoor Acres, $50,000

Stephen Nast to Natasha Horsley. Lot 5, Wynbrooke Subdivision, $285,000

Theodore G. Macheras to Jeffrey David Tomlin. 656 Dixie Airport Highway, $145,000

Gregory William Shelton to Blake Watts and Cassidy Lasca Totty. 133 Lengthy Pine Drive, $185,610

Persons are additionally studying…

Christian T. and Christine R. Smith to Jacob J. and Victoria Adams. 498 Stonewall Highway, $247,000

Christine Marie Black to Harry M. Blair Jr. Parcel, Va. 694, 1.47 acres, $18,500

Basic Nation Houses Inc. to Jonathan Scott Bloomfield. Lot 5, Woodchase Subdivision, $38,000

Brittany T. and Justin M. Bryant to Christian T. and Christine R. Smith. Lot 2, Part III, Duck Pond Subdivision, $515,000

Shamrock Development Enterprises Inc. to Michael H. and Margaret S. Hart. Lot 32, Part 19, Farmington at Forest, $339,900

Christopher R. and Kindsay N. Maulbeck to Robert Clarkson and Janice Wertz Berkley. Lot 4, Part 18, Farmington at Forest, $310,000

Kenneth M. Stipcak and Leslie S. Stipcak, trustees of Thomas A. Gibson Jr. and Lisa Gibson. Tons 51 and 52, Waterside, $405,000

Actual Property Purchase It Now LLC at JMB Funding Firm LLC. 1079 Stewartsville Highway, $270,000

Igor O. Mistulov to Dylan Pennington. Parcel, Hardy Highway, 0.37 acre, $144,950

Rebecca Evans Phillips to Rebecca C. Millard. Unit 1, Constructing N, Clays Crossing, $278,000

Jennifer R. Lengthy to John Lucas and Mackenzie Miller Sullivan. Lot 1, Gibbs Subdivision, $284,900

Kendall S. and Tammi Moore to Phillip T. and Colleen M. Miller. Modified Lot 6, Part 1, Glenbrooke, $339,900

John Michael Osteen at Craft Farms LLC. 7552 Cottontown Highway, $2,800,000

Michael Quaid and Sonja Quaid to Matthew Jason Turner and Brenda Nicole McGuire. 107 Parkway Lane, $224,950

Heather Anderson and Charles H. Anderson to Scottie T. and Frances Booker. 607 E. Important Avenue, $92,000

Celestial Terrestrial LLC to Fred W. Childress III. Lot 2, Virginia 608, 1.02 acres, $175,000

Jeri Okay. Worth to John and Sarah Rives. Lot 5, Part 1, Kensington, $449,900

Stephen C. Rush and Judy Okay. Rush, trustees of Vino Avenue LLC. 103 E. Important Avenue, $75,000

Jonathan Mark Philebaum and Karen Joann Philebaum to Alan N. Moe. Lot 19, Highland Oaks, $654,900

Troy Lynn Byrd at Achieved Deal House Patrons LLC. Lot 7, Block 2, Hidden Forest Estates, $139,000

Sunset Development Firm Inc. to Josephine Michelle Sauppe. 1265 Screechum Hole Highway, $349,900

Genius Enterprises LLC to Timothy Paul and Corinne Denise Avery. 541 Patterson Highway, $172,000

Nickolas Austin and Meagan Elizabeth Shull to Jonathan Morgan and Alyssa Baber. Lot 7, Part 1, Stanley Villa, $258,300

Clematine E. Carter and Harry D. Barnett. Two parcels, close to Wards Highway, $87,500

CJL LLC to Lindsey Ann Dewitt and Frank Hunter Gordon. Lot 7, Part 1, Westin Oaks, $316,000

Gail M. Ellis to James A. Murrell Sr. and Angela R. Miller. 904 Broad Avenue, $215,000

Fairness Enterprises 1984 LLC to Lee W. Wigmore II and Debra A. Wigmore. Lot 35, Part 1, Trents Touchdown, $509,000

H&S Holdings Properties LLC to Sean Robert and Jessica Elizabeth Mikuen. Package deal H, Collins Ferry, $319,900

Ralph and Barbara Haun in Austin Gregory Low. 486 Hawkins Highway and extra parcel, $78,000

Lonnie M. Maines III to Thomas H. and Bethany E. Holzknecht. Lot 7, Part 1, Tavern Grove, $195,000

Roderick Shawn Pillow and Belinda D. Pillow to Christina M. Howell. 1930 Homeplace Highway, $315,000

Cindy E. White Schaefer at Sutherland Realty Holdings VI LLC. 554 Indian Ridge Drive, $330,000

White Mountain Investments LLC to Luke Wolf. Land, .222 acre, Hobson Mill Highway, $77,250

Stephen D. and Joann Okay. Phillips at Accession Properties LLC. Lot 4, Block E, Forest Townhomes, $135,000

Kevin Raymond Ader Jr. to Geraldo Anibal Alonso II and Suzanne Lisette Alonso. Lot 30, Legacy Oaks, $301,000

All Factors Basis Inc. and Central Virginia Inc. Worker Help to Westward Funding Properties LLC. Condominium items A, B, C and Lakeside Plaza Condominium, $207,250

Austin T. and Michelle R. Tenpas to Joshua W. and Cameron Grace Baker. 6239 Narragansett Drive, $245,000

John Berry and Edwina Berry to John Howard Berry and Christie Lynn Massey. 111 Westover Blvd, $211,000

The principle LLC to Large Eaze Properties LLC. Models 103 and 210, The Waynes, $475,000

Blackwater Ridge LLC to Kevin and Santina Henley. Lot C, Block C, The Townes at Blackwater Ridge, $255,000

Frederick W. and Dianne M. Mills to Billy Joe Bobbitt and Amanda B. McClung. 201 Irvington Springs Highway, $570,000

Troy A. and Tara O. Nelson at Bootstrap Properties LLC. 2923 Langhorne Highway, $50,000

James M. and Felicia F. Broady at TBS Investments LLC. 123 Fleetwood Drive, $215,000

Christopher A. and Mary Elizabeth J. Burriss to David Thomas Phillips Jr. and Katrina Daybreak Phillips. 1405 Landon Courtroom, $495,000

The Important LLC to Nancy J. Cameron. Unit 301, The Wayne, $219,900

Trevor Lesueur at Cogent Holdings LLC. 2279 Otey Avenue, $37,500

Frances B. Carter at DRV Development LLC. 1009 Floyd Avenue, $70,000

Frances B. Carter to Jaime L. Sandidge. 1716 Floyd Avenue, $49,500

Mary L. Cox at RMZ Tree Service LLC. 211 and 215 VES Highway, $16,000

Debra Ann Sillman to Jerry L. and Elizabeth Jill Crews. Unit 130, Village Park Courtroom, $245,000

Kyle Roach and Wendy Roach to Kelly C. Currier. Lot 8, Belleview, $505,000

Pamela L. Baldwin LLC to Davis Allen Properties LLC. 812-814 Important Avenue, $550,000

Randall Richard Dill at SMB Actual Property LLC. 2021 Grace St. & 511 Winston Ridge, $90,000

Dry Bones Holdings LLC in Brooklyn D. and Angela Caitlin Welsh. 2705 ​​Loraine Avenue, $198,000

Lengthy Meadows Inc. to Emmanuel and Mary Etuke. Lot 31, Stonehaven, $298,900

Michael R. and Ann F. Free to Paula Michelle Wilson and Gracie Wilson. Lot 10, Part 1, Vista Acres, $275,000

Danny H. Freeze Jr. at MostHigh LLC. Lot P32, Block P, Cornerstone, $280,000

Richard Gilbert to Roselio Rocky and Elisabeth Suzanne Rioseco. Lot 1, Block 2, Part 3, Sandusky Hills, $252,000

Grace E. Petty to James Perley Gleason. 1701 Clayton Avenue, $350,000

Bruce Wayne and Linda A. Ripley at Goering Houses LLC. 1305 Cherokee Avenue, $156,000

Andrew S. Goldstein to Michael R. Jonzen. 1022 Wiggington Highway, $288,000

Lee E. and Tonja Corridor to Andrew and Alissa Corridor. Lot 5, Block E, Forest Townhouses, $185,000

Jeremy M. Welsh to Eric and Kimberly Heimbuch. Lot 14, Block 92, Rivermont, $419,000

Fay B. Willis to Mitchele Mahamud and Madeline Grace-Katherine Jefferson. Lot 35, Part 8B, Richland Hills, $270,000

Adam Karol, trustee of WAME LLC. 2319 Previous Forest Highway, $110,000

Sellari Enterprises LLC to David W. and Kathleen A. Leach. Lot 17, Cottage Hill, $520,000

Maple Tree Companions LLC to VAD Properties LLC. 2426 Cobbs Avenue, $110,000

Brian J. Pellegrini to Shanon Mendez. 2232 King Avenue, $230,000

J. Michael Thomas to Claudine Fatima Miudo. Tons 45-47, Fairview Park, $134,900

Goshen Dwelling LLC to Christopher and Kelsey Moore. Lot 11, Part 2, The Bluffs at Riverside, $499,000

Danny N. Murphy and Karen V. Hite to Sara J. Peterson. 413 Madison Avenue, $574,900

Paragon Holdings LLC to Nathan James and Claira Wyand. 316 Wasdworth Avenue, $131,000

Gordon Okay. and Linda Thompson to Ava Stevens and Christine Stevens. 103 Dean Avenue, $340,500

Yuco Property Companions LLC at Trinity Properties VA. LLC. 1006 Buchanan Avenue, $50,000

Sandy E. Witcher II to Dilfor Paul Villacorta. Lot 20, Block C, Georgetown Forest Townhouses, $112,000

Constructing permits

Bedford County Jeff Overstreet, 100 Ironwood Courtroom, storage, $5,000

New Prospect Baptist Church, 4445 Sheep Creek Highway, pavilion, $39,500

David Ahrens, 36 Homestead Drive, single household dwelling, further deck, $200,000

Aaron Pritchard, 1615 Guernsey Highway, new dwelling, $75,000

Mark Deshano, 1348 Founding Manner Highway, new dwelling, $550,000

Marshall Murray, 4272 Goode Highway, new dwelling, $290,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 1085 Brandon Courtroom, new dwelling, $365,000

Carl McDilda, 1053 Bethel Haven Lane, addition, $65,000

Christopher Chase, Stewartsville Highway, new dwelling, $375,000

Chad Proctor, lot 25, River Rock, new dwelling, $600,000

Bryce Harker, lot 7, Everett Highway, new dwelling, $400,000

Jayson Thoemke, 3962 Hickory Cove Lane, addition, $50,000

Giles Hoback, Founding Manner Highway, new dwelling, $550,000

Charles Hudson, 1208 Bradford Crossing Place, completed basement, $75,000

Joseph Greco, Lot 17, Part 3, Mariners Touchdown, new dwelling, $400,000

Shirley Witt, 208 Shepherd Lane, bunch, $9,400

Jorge Jaffke, 120 Snooty Fox Highway, photo voltaic panels, $24,000

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