Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your proper to know: Newest property transfers and constructing permits

Property transfers

Gingerbread Manor Inc. to James Harris and Kelela Albritton. 322 Sundown Drive, $119,000

Colter Johnston and Laura Nerdahl to Benjamin B. and Lauren M. Barr. 588 Thomas Street, $205,000

Eight By Seven LLC to Julianne Campbell Snow. 188 Oak Spring Lane, $302,404

Kathryn Curry Maggi to Christopher Burnett. 702 Dixie Airport Street, $157,000

Legacy Developments LLC to DLC Properties Company Inc. Lot 8, Previous Wright Store Street, $60,000

Gerard and Mary I. Elliott to Carey Saunders and Brett Anthony Casassa. 182 Kentucky Mountain Place, $400,500

Robert L. Chase and Katherine B. Chase to Frank T. and Danielle N. Viall. 213 Briarherst Drive and two adjoining heaps, $395,000

Individuals are additionally studying…

Terry L. Anderson to Beata Szajda and RJ Boatman. Lot 9, Woodchase Subdivision, $355,000

Jamerson Actual Property Inc. to Michael S. Binder and Krystal D. Binder. Parcel, Accomplice Blvd., $20,000

Reinhardt Liebig and Pamela S. Liebig to Wilmer Alexis Vigil and Katie Lee Rodriguez. Lot 5, Maple Springs Estates, $21,000

Dale Drinkard Wells to Ronald Martin. Parcel, Oakville Street, $4,000

Rhonnie L. and Doris H. Smith to Sandra Ballard. Unit 3, Constructing 23, Jefferson Villas in Forest, $365,000

Joseph Aaron and Patricia Marie Davis to Kimberlyn S. Gill. Lot 29, Lakeridge Subdivision, $235,000

Ronald S. Flowers to Michael D. and Patti O. Jurkus. 1840 Stoney Creek Street, $259,900

Dragos and Maria Anastasoaie to Patrick J. and Brittney M. Stovall. Lot 4, Cinnamon Ridge, $381,600

Paul P. Parks Jr., Charla S. Parks, Anthony D. Rini and Beth L. Scott to Claire Dickey and Robert Seth Farr II. Lot 110, Part B, Beechwood West, $340,000

Michael Ballard and Katherine Ballard to Christopher Michael Layne. 1721 Irving Street, $206,500

Bradford Crossing LLC to Hudson Builders LLC. Lot 29, Bradford Crossing, $80,000

Darrin G. Downey and Lorna Fay Poole to Wanda B. and Howard C. Steinruck III. Lot 4, Part 1, Cedar Key Estates, $595,000

Paul J. Rundell to Hunter L. Could. Lot 2, Part 1, Meadowridge Farms, $465,000

William Janulis and Michael Janulis to August Brian Becerra. 1130 Carolu Method, $260,000

Explorer Buying and selling Submit LLC to Connie-Don Holdings LLC. 11147 Lynchburg Salem Turnpike West, $280,000

Spencer T. Bobbitt to Robert Matthew and April Daybreak Baker. 1654 Shady Knoll Avenue, $315,000

William Sawyers and Brittany Sawyers to Mychal E. and Samantha L. Wilkins. Parcel, VA. 699, 2.83 acres and extra parcel, $249,950

April D/ Baker to John Lance IV. Heaps 5 & 6, Part H, Villamont Villa Websites Subdivision, $145,000

Jeffrey L. Davidson Sr. to Larry F. English and Sharon L. English. Lot 37, North Village, $340,000

Larry F. and Sharon L. English to Melisa Rodriguez. Tract 21, wooded acres, $333,000

Barbara Fowler to Ian Alexander Service provider. 1329 Sundown Hill Street, $137,000

PNB Holding Co. 1, Inc. to Seven Diamonds LLC. 1026 Bandy Mill Street, $122,222

James Bushnell to David S. and Jenna R. Pettit. Lot 29, Part 2-A, Wildwood, $322,900

Genius Enterprises LLC to Ingrid Darlene Jimenez-Cervantes. 1284 Lynch Street and adjoining further lot, $175,000

Terry L. Charlton to Steven and Katelynn Eissler. Parcel, Va. 761, 5 acres, $220,000

Roanoke Valley Holdings LLC and R. Fralin Development Inc. in Alden and Valerie Gallimore. Lot 40, Part III, Leesville Street Estates, $392,950

Eric Samuel and Joanne Ruth Hershberger to Phillip Todd Roark and Bethel Shelton Thomas. 1498 Browns Mill Street, $426,000

Edward F. Sheehan to Pamela and Bryan L. King. 1012 Park St. and extra parcel, $128,000

Phoenix Property Group LLC to Eva Marianna Ricca. Lot 12A, Part II, Wheeler Estates, $319,900

Timothy R. and Shannon G. Woodland to Joel W. Upham. Tract 9, Part 11, Vacation Forest, $397,000

Laura L. DeBrular at Armistead Place LLC. 120 Honeysuckle Lane, $375,000

Wesley D. Campbell and Gregory S. Campbell at B&Z Investments LLC. Lot 1, Part 2, Easthaven, $25,000

Brenton T. Wells to Gary Okay. Clegg. 564 Thistle Street, $197,000

Paul D. Kraynik and Patricia R. Kraynik to Brittany A. and Kurt T. Daugherty. Lot 7, Part 3, Completely happy Valley Subdivision, $144,000

Michele Karen Ward-Horsley, Eric Van Ward, Kimberly Faye Ward and Donald Lee Ward Jr. to Barry Edward and Cheryl C. Corridor. 9198 Ward Street, $4,000

Tsueis Property Administration Inc. to Elbert J. Parker Jr. and Linda Okay. Thomas. 151 Dunivan Drive, $350,000

Sunburst Properties LLC to Rebecca L. Werner. Lot 504, Sunburst Mansions, $288,400

Susan T. Wooden, Ronald Steven Trent and Jack Wayne Trent to Jack Wayne and Pamela D. Trent. 1020 Waterlick Street, $225,000

Ade Collections LLC to Ryan and Makenna Limon. Lot 4, Grove Park Addition, $221,000

Russell Lee Crance and Kathryn Boone to Julian Bradley Adams. 1500 Helbig Loop, 1401 Hampton St., 1508 Esmond St., 1701 Hampton St., 1601 Hampton St., 811 Helbig Loop and two further parcels, $5,000

Karen Allen, Ryan Jaikaran and Meden Jaikaran at Hurray Properties LLC. 4668 Fairmont Avenue, $195,000

Keystone Estates Inc. to the Arkansas Avenue Belief. Heaps 32-35, Block S, Mountain View Addition, $76,000

Lance Barnett and Religion Emily Barnett at Clever Road Funding LLC. 800 Clever Road, $227,550

Karen B. Vanassche and Marilyn B. Norwood at 2121 Langhorne Street LLC. 2121 Langhorne Street, $420,000

Havens Ridge LLC to Clover Properties LLC. 216 Kenyon Road, $150,000

Ronald E. Coleman Jr. and Brenda F. Coleman to Dan and Patricia Edwards. Lot 1, Part D, Sandusky Acres, $265,000

DBI Capital Group LLC to NVR Inc. Heaps 7A, 7B, 20A and 20B, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $155,000

Yvette R. Gentry to John C. Detwiler. Lot 21, Fairmont Addition, $160,000

Christian Givens and William A. Smith to Charles Egbujuo. 1624 McKinney Avenue, $199,900

Elmwood Holdings LLC to LG Flint Inc. Heaps 37, 38 & 40, Part 1A, Blackwater Run, $210,000

The George C. Walker Jr. and Lynne R. Walker Household Restricted Partnership with George C. Walker III and Madison E. Walker. Lot 25B, Part 5, Locksview & 124 Briarwood St., $1,830,100

Maggie Elizabeth Fast to Klint Steven and Suzanne Snider. 511 Riverside Drive, $225,000

Victoria Ann Maphis to Tyler McCombs and Shelby Herrgord. Lot 12, Part 2, Chestnut Hill, $214,900

Angeline Holliman, Paris H. Jones and Malcolm M. Holman to Terry V. Pinn Sr. and Terry V. Pinn Jr. 126 Statham Street, $9,000

Leesville LLC to Samuel Kappler. Lot 121, Heritage Courtroom, $140,000

NVR Inc. to Walter Kerner Jr. and Sarah Farnsworth Kerner. Lot 1B, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $304,893

Christopher P. Krueger and Summer season A. Krueger to Thomas George and Jenessa Marie Sabanos. 126 Irvington Spring Street, $500,000

Moab Properties LLC to Laurenda Kuffour. Lot 13, Glenwood addition, $26,000

Martin Ridge Properties LLC to Rachel Lewis. 416 West Cadbury Drive, $155,000

4D Development Inc. to Damon H. Maner. Lot 16, Part D, Sandusky Acres, $200,000

Thomas and Jenessa Sabanos to Rebekah Mickahail. 4607 Alabama Avenue, $250,000

Midatlantic IRA LLC to Ervin Sanchez Garcia. 1202 Tilden Avenue, $155,000

Alicia Atkins to Delores A. White. Lot 47, Part 1, Jubilee Heights, $125,000

Charles F. Wells to Derrick W. Powell. 2530 Poplar Road, $1,500

Molly M. Rommel to Joe and Jodi Unusual. 90 Countryplace Lane, $112,000

Thomas E. and Samantha L. Smith to Tiffany Saunders and Maureen Weaver. Lot 24, Westover Heights, $195,000

Constructing permits

James Mizio, lot 12, Hemlock Shores, new residence, $125,000

Scott Shields, 2406 Buffalo Run, new residence, $125,000

Joey Detamore, lot 17, Indian Hills, new residence, $20,000

Arthur Ryan, 401 Carriage Hill Drive, new residence, $520,000

Arthur Ryan, 403 Carriage Hill Drive, new residence, $150,000

John Falls, Bellevue Street, new residence, $362,638.53

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