Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your proper to know: Newest property transfers and constructing permits

Property transfers

Alma M. Campbell and Deanna Campbell Guedj to Kera Lynn and Edward Preston Campbell Jr. Parcel, Woodson Street, $48,250

Patricia Suzann Carson to Craig A. and Jennifer L. Smith. Part 14, Partridge Hill, $540,000

Wanda M. Carson to Karen L. Gilpin. 561 Dixie Airport Street, $125,000

T&T Investments Inc. to Joey Dawson Customized Woodworking Inc. Lot 26, Poplar Grove, $17,000

SMB Actual Property LLC to Will A. and Callie B. Huebert. Lot 18, Part 1, West Briar, $213,000

William Edward Perdue Jr. to Shaun Christopher Salmons. Parcel, Juniper Farm Street, $100,000

Carey M. and Catherine F. Steger at Traber Household River Ranch LLC. 551 Joshua Falls Street, $520,789.93

Individuals are additionally studying…

Linda F. Scruggs, Douglas Scruggs, Gregory Scruggs, Debra J. Story and Nancy S. Adams to Blake S. Bryant. 146 Watt Mill Street, $80,000

John Andrew Nesbit to Anita Lynn Alvarez-Mendez. 222 and 224 Virginia Avenue, $198,500

Stephanie B. Gilliam and Dorothy Bryant to Rachel and James Berryman. 2195 Purdum Mill Street, $294,000

Timothy D. and Elizabeth J. Duncan to Angela B. and Alfonse V. Cestaro Jr. 7325 Stage Street, $320,000

Everett R. Shober III and Sherry W. Shobar to Timothy D. and Elizabeth J. Duncan. 14190, 14212 Richmond Freeway and extra parcel, $575,000

Tina Johnson and Troy Tyree to Ryan E. and Tania L. Wagner. Lot 5, 21.50 acres, on Va. 663 and Va. 611, $100,000

Julius E. Hoffman Jr. and Kim Flevarakis Hoffman to Petru Ilarian and Marliesa D. Grama.

Lot 5, Forest Oaks and extra parcel, $527,000

Michael B. Zimmerman, Donald N. Zimmerman and Lisa Z. Conner to Michael B. Zimmerman and Donald N. Zimmerman. 2406 Moneta Street and Further Parcel, $200,000

Kristin Nell King and Lauryn A. King to Caleb R. Davis and Kathryn A. Thaxton. 5600 Previous Cifax Street, $348,000

Aya Elalfy on the Madison Belief Firm. Lot 9, Cobbs Nook, $45,900

Patrick J. Gillen and Danielle E. Gillen to Jennifer Flockhart. Lot 20, Part 6, The Meadows, $410,000

CMH Houses Inc. to Stephanie Mayberry. 1262 Bell City Street, $10,000

Charles Cardwell Residing Belief at Craft Farms LLC. Parcel, Cottontown Street, $536,185

Richard Kent Austin to Benita A. Hopkins. Lot 56, Sleepy Oak Park Villas, $410,000

James L. Crowley at ACC Group LLC. 2218 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, $1,400,000

Preston A. and Kelly H. Wilkerson to Edward F. Lavado III and Chelsea M. Lavado. 1414 Orrix Creek Street, $360,000

James A. and Tammy R. Reynolds to Bruce Wesley Kujawski. Residual Lot 32B, Lakewood, $24,000

1131 Blue Ridge Rental LLC to Garret Scott Day and Kiersten Lyndsey Saunders Day. Lot 8, Part 1, Springwood Farm, $150,000

Paul A. Paoliello to Karl J. and Raeanne Marie Ludwinski. 1268 Overhill Path and add-on package deal, $351,000

Stella Louise Kendrick and Glenn Daniel Kendrick Jr. to Carroll E. Betz, Mary E. Betz and Rochelle E. Wilson. Lot 19, Cinnamon Ridge Subdivision, $280,000

Jerry L. McLaughlin to Roxan V. Reyes and Catarino Castillo Ramos. Parcel, close to Stone Mountain Street, $140,000

Abbey Glen LLC to Coleman Development Firm LLC. Lot 13, Part 4, Boonsboro Meadows, $85,000

Shannon L. Simmons to Jason and Ginger H. DeLong. 9879 Dickerson Mill Street, $40,000

Bobbie O. Blankenship to Frank Antonia Craghead. 3609 Shingle Block Street, $60,000

Charles P. and Roberta J. Carroll at GHS Holdings LLC. Lot 78, Part 3, Village East, $1,200,000

Edward J. Clark and Noreen Clark to David M. and Caroline Crowder and Dina Crowder. Lot 15, Silver Creek Subdivision, $450,000

Debra S. Evans to Amber Franco, Andrew R. Weiker and Pamela L. Weiker. Lot 19, Part 1, Mountain Meadows, $163,400

Anna Markham to Kenner D. Wolfe. Unit 241, Constructing 4, Walnut Ridge Nation Townhomes, $190,000

Donald Wilson Anson and Tashaa Clontz Anson at 95 Cove Level Development LLC. Lot 95, Part 2, Harbor Village, $30,000

Star Metropolis Investments LLC to Jerilyn Nicole Becker. 698 Suburban Street, $238,000

Michael D. Blackstock to Jacob Daniel Stewart. 1028 Ninth Road, $134,000

Frances L. Ayers Tuck at Blue2000 LLC. 1162 Candlers Mountain Street, $284,500

Kameron D. Burnett to Connie L. and Roger Jackson II. 1704 Village Freeway, $203,000

Jacqueline McD. Dejarnette to Kenneth W. Trainor Sr. Parcel, Collins Ferry Street, $45,000

Kristin Owen Dupuis and Sandra Marie Ellington at Charlie Younger. 1560 Hickory Creek Street, $320,000

Fleeting Instances LLC to JCJ Holdings LLC. Heaps 1-6, Block 36, Amherst Ave. and Heaps 8-15, Block 36, Novelty St., $250,000

Micah D. and Sarah C. Melton to Gregory S. Skeen and Greta M. Skeen. Lot 69, Part 1-A, Wildwood, $331,500

Mark G. and Sherry L. Johnson to Keri S. Moore, Brittany Faye Snyder and Norman D. Snyder. Lot 64, Part A, Westwood Manor, $330,000

James B. Schaner and Lee Ann Scaner to Hong Tham Thi Nguyen and Tuan A. Nguyen. Lot 1, Robertson Village, $379,900

David Carlton Phillips and George Edward Phillips to David Carlton Phillips. Lot 85, Part 2, Cottonwood Forest, $150,000

WBW Investments LLC to Rebecca R. and Albert C. Podruchny Jr. 812 Bear Creek Street, $459,900

R. Fralin Development Inc. to Christopher and Kayla Shirley. Lot 32, Part III, Block B, Carriage Grove, $382,950

Jeffrey D. Hair and Mauna S. Hair to Eric Reichard Adams. 302 Blue Ridge Road, $100,000

Alexander Reed Constructions LLC to Bentridge Properties LLC. Heaps 25-29, Block 3, Edgewood, $148,700

6221 Pawtucket Drive LLC to Horacio Figueredo to Carmen Barrero Barrios. Lot 22, Block 4, Part 2, Lengthy Meadows, $249,900

John M. Valenti to Thomas Powell Helms and Dena Michelle Bishop and Allison Bishop. 4915 Windsor Avenue, $195,000

James C. Whitehead and AC Whitehead at Blackwater Leases LLC. 1510 and 1518 Garfield Ave., 2376 Cobbs St. and 2401 Campbell Ave., $150,000

Billy J. Bobbitt and Amanda B. McClung to Stephen Anthony Ewald and Christine Leanne Ewald. Heaps 58 and 59, Bethel Estates, $1,025,000

Ok&D Lynchburg LLC to Brenda B. Field. Unit 214, Section 2, Wyndcrest Sq., $225,000

Patricia Elaine Bradbury to John B. and Vicki G. Cobb. Unit 13, Carriage Sq. condominium, $399,000

Sara B. Brody to James A. Frenchik II. 2301 Rivermont Avenue, $905,000

Lisa A. Childress, Stephanie B. Cannon and Charles C. Casey at FAFO LLC. Lot 28, Part 3, Chestnut Hill, $147,500

Alisha Carroll to James Lewis Ogden Jr. and Crystal Marie Ogden. 3014 Hillview Road, $239,900

Accomplice Ave. Properties LLC to JCJ Holdings LLC. 402 Wiggington Street, $45,000

Earl M. Driskill Inc. to JCJ Holdings LLC. 400 Wiggington Street, $1,000

Melvin Leon Hawkins Sr. and Ernest Eugene Hawkins Sr. at Empire Capital LLC. 1323 Fillmore Road, $12,000

Benjamin T. and Kathryn L. Esswein to Tyler R. and Tricia A. Sjostrom. 1109 Ashley Drive, $209,000

Maurice Jeffrey and LaQuesha Harris at Fox Ridge Leases LLC. Lot 25, Block G, Cornerstone, $265,000

Steven and Annie R. Frost to Charles C. and Chloe A. Smith. 1265 Krise Circle, $283,000

Katherine M. Gerber at J&J Rental Investments LLC. 911 Polk Road, $70,000

Mark D. Gilbert and Pamela J. Gilbert to Lillian G. Whorley. Lot 34, Knollwood Townhouses, $119,000

Robert L. Singleton Jr. to Brittany A. Harris. 725 Selene Road, $159,900

Stuart W. Overbey to Melissa D. Heller. 414 Norfolk Ave., 2410 L St. & heaps 14-18, M St., $339,400

Elbert J. Parker Jr. at J&J Rental Investments LLC. 1301 Harding Road, $120,000

Jean Capital LLC to Philip Kim and Deborah Jean Pomeroy. 114 Polk Road, $180,000

David Christian Ricksecker at Prayer of Religion Temple Inc. 3116 Hill St., $175,000

NVR Inc. to Judy G. Roof. Lot 28A, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $269,000

Richard S. IV and Claudia A. White to Obadyah T. McKay and Emily A. McKay. Lot 30, Part 6, Blue Ridge Farms, $250,000

Kristen D. Wessells to Martha F. Miller and Richard S. Miller Sr. and Mark Miller. 2910 Rivermont Ave. 104, $170,000

NBMM Holdings LLC to Mark R. and Stephanie L. Stein. Unit 107, Constructing 5, The Gables at Cornerstone Condominium, $235,000

NVR Inc. to Walter G. Williams III. Lot 25B, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $277,490

Malissa R. Thomasson at RB30 LLC. 3419 Plymouth Place, $125,000

Emanuel Seewalk and Julia Anne Seewald for Resurrected Houses LLC. 454 Victoria Avenue, $165,000

Constructing permits

Marshall Murray, 4272 Goode Street, new house, $290,000

Scott Shields, 2406 Buffalo Run, new house, $125,000

Edward Buxton, 1190 Legacy Lodge Path, new house, $500,000

Claude Moreau, lot 6, Lakeview Estates, new house, $900,000

George Jenkins, Part 3, Goose Creek Valley Street, new house, $400,000

Arthur Ryan, 401 Carriage Hill Drive, new house, $520,000

Nicholas Thomas, 1933 Cifax Street, warehouse/store, $80,000

Kimberly Bussey, Lot 16, Part 3, Boonsboro Meadows, new house, $300,000

Michael Johnston, Part 3, Alabaster Lane, new house, $225,000

Michael Maxey, 4272 Nemmo Street, warehouse, $15,000

James Murphy, 415 Otterview Street, swimming pool, $100,000

Chad Wilkins, 1876 Emmaus Church Street, photo voltaic panels, $12,870

Westyn Village LLC, 1013 Westyn Terrace, 36-unit condominium, $2,800,000

Bryce Harker, 1252 Whispering Springs Courtroom, new house, $400,000

Jason Watts, 1392 Tucker Terrace, new house, $250,000

R. Fralin Development Inc., Lot 15, Part 2, Boonsboro Meadows, new house, $286,000

Eric Loyd, 4396 Horseshoe Bend Street, plus add toilet and laundry, $150,000

Stephen Popp, 1637 Matthew Talbot Street, storage, $90,000

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