Your right to know: Latest property transfers and building permits

Your proper to know: Newest property transfers and constructing permits

Property transfers

Fay C. Jennings to Jeffrey C. Jennings. Lot 65, Part 1, Ivanhoe Forest, $148,000

James Maurice Jones to Thomas McDaniel III and Tar Lynn McDaniel. Lot 3, Part 2, Oakview Estates, $250,000

Millerside II LLC to Amber Nicole Miller-Abbott. 126 Oak Spring Lane, $281,000

Carmen Myers Reed to Eric John Taylor and Frances Eileen Mann. 636 Wares Hole Street, $38,000

Carrie E. Bethel and Jose Davila for Raintree Properties Rental and Gross sales LLC. Heaps 2 and three, intersection between Va. 663 and Outdated US Freeway 29, $120,000

Blackwater Residence Options LLC to Tracey Nicole Thacker and Jacob Allen Bowling. Lot 43, Galts Mill Touchdown, $179,000

Persons are additionally studying…

Malachi S. Lord and Allison E. Schroeder to Mark A. and Laurie Samulonis Bowers. Heaps 13A and 13B, Part 1, Homewood Manor, $374,500

Almosta Farms LLC to Bryan Ashley and Angela Stratton Moody. Lot 9, The Meadows at Harmony, $139,900

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to Daniel S. and Brooke E. Wells. A part of 129 Dove Lane and adjoining property, $75,000

Donna Ok. Viar, Kathy V. Camire and Mark S. Viar at Wendy W. Saunders. Lot 2, Virginia 635, 0.836 acres, $3,000

Ashley Ok. Grey to Justin Craig and Isabelle White. 712 Columbus Street, $305,000

Joseph Paul Sayers Jr. to Wayne Russell Cupp. 347 Maury Place and extra parcel, $154,000

Terry I. Hamlett, Sandy Hamlett Jr. and Larry Wayne Hamlett to Terry I. Hamlett. 1297 Mountain Reduce Street, $110,466.67

Roselio Rioseco to G. Herbert Peak Jr. Parcel, 24,551 acres, Bent Creek Street, $130,000

Kimberley D. Jordan to Michelle and Johnny Wade Lanier. Parcel, Ayers Street, $35,000

Kimberley D. Jordan to Kyle Lanier. Two parcels, off Ayers Street, $170,000

Terry Lee Oakes, Richard Edward Oakes and Maurice Eugene Oakes to Jerry D. Finch. 1615 Brandy Mill Street, $252,000

Chris and Melanie Kiger to Carol G. and Bernard J. Massie. Lot 6, Pickup Lane, $454,555

Melanie Pollard at Sleeping Bear Properties LLC. Lot 5, Allie Acres, $114,000

Gerlad W. Adams to James Michael Carter and Daniel R. Davis. 1685 Bandy Mill Street, $136,300

Richard E. Hedrick and Julia A. Hedrick to Russell J. and Sharon Ok. Huggins. Parcel 1, Faculty Crossing Subdivision, $249,900

William Richard and Kyong H. Hale at Wright Building LLC. Lot 13, Part 3, North Hills Estates, $40,000

Dokken and Katelyn Egenole to Rhonda L. Whitaker. 1778 Massive Island Freeway, $436,000

Dianna L. Fafard to Christopher and Karen Duff. 10630 Lee Jackson Freeway, $205,000

Kathy H. Lovell to Michael and Jessica Thompson. 1729 Damaged Bow Street and adjoining lot, $475,000

Kurt M. Barry at Aldridge Investments LLC. 1940 Espresso Street, $1,100,000

CaGNaC Inc. to Joshua Jack and Emily Augustin. Lot 40, Part 4, Cedar Rock, $24,900

Davies Regulation Workplaces to Thomas P. and Margaret S. McCann. Lot 19, Part 1, Glenbrooke Subdivision, $325,000

Gary Clegg and Jamey Lynn Parks to Dennis J. and Beth Ann Lawrence. Lot 20, Part II, Poplar Grove, $435,000

Donald L. and Angela F. Arrington to Jacob Willard and Kay Stanley Arrington and Scott and Donna Stanley. Lot 2, Bay Vue subdivision and extra parcel, $450,000

Anne Elizabeth Schwab-Willcox to Pamela Ann Hinkle. 207 Cascade Drive, $175,000

Donna J. Sellers to Tyler and Andrea Mason. 3865 Mentow Drive, $242,500

Donald Wayne Rawling Sr. and Mary Ellen Rawling to Michael Randolph Beavers and Myrna Lee Beavers. 1562 Montavel Avenue, $150,000

Barbara J. Damon to Chad E. Smith and Amanda L. Smith. 1502 Jopling Street, $38,000

Dale Gerlach to Ashley Rey and Charles Walter Butt. Lot 10, Part 10, Blumont, $375,000

Andrew E. Disher to Dale F. and Cornelia Allman. Unit 200, Lighthouse Condominium, 11 Cape Level Cape, $130,000

Mary Wolff at AUM Enterprise LLC. Lot 213, Section III, Runaway Bay, $49,900

Thomas D. Corkran and Kristy C. Corkran, trustees of Jordan Ashleigh and Katelinn Johnson Bing. Lot 39, Part 4, Wildwood, $365,000

Jedi Building LLC to James Randolph and Taylor Ann Bowles. 200 Hawkins Street, $342,400

Laura L. Wray and Mateus Felipe Fernandes De Oliveira at Sheila L. Burton. Unit 319, The Lighthouse Condominium, $111,000

H&S Holding Properties LLC to Michael S. and Jennifer Hammersley Denova. Lot 12, Part III, Lengthy Mountain Farm Subdivision, $78,500

Russell Fortney and Constance Fortney to Christopher John Schatvet, Eric William Schatvet and Marianne Schatvet. 860 Napier Drive, $175,000

LFS Properties LLC to Frank and Sonya They got here. 108 Mount Sterling Drive, $170,000

William W. Monroe Jr. to MBM Property Group LLC. 79 Cannery Avenue, $60,000

Precedence One Properties LLC to Evan Baxter and Mikayla Morales. Lot 39, Part I, Nation Haven Estates, $285,000

From Gorman L. Woodfin to Haden F. Schlemmer. 100 English Commons Drive, $225,000

Lengthy Meadows Inc. to Nakia Smith. Lot 6, Part II, Gable Crest Subdivision, $312,000

From Charlie F. Wells to Richard Wells. Parcel, Va. 652, 1.04 acres, $10,000

Countryside Land Firm LC at Bridghtee Bebe Boauzo. Tract 8, Sugar Hill Farm, $40,900

Fralin Firm of Central Virginia to R. Fralin Building Inc. Lot 32, Part III, Carriage Grove, $33,000

Mark L. Abbott to Morgan R. and Madison M. Lorentzen. Lot 8, Part 2, Tate Springs Farm, $269,000

Tevin Allen and Bridgette Wright to Jonathan Mark and Carleigh Showalter. 1714 Floyd Avenue, $95,000

William John and Robyn Lyn Anderson to Joseph E. and Kathy M. Malloy. 220 Legacy Oaks Circle, $361,000

Susan Kay Williams Armontrout, Barbara Jane Williams Gunter, Dwight Dexter Williams, Mary Roxanne Ragland Williams, James Allen Williams and Marianne Williams Thurman to Susan Kay Williams Armontrout. 764 and 766 Leesville Street, $68,000

Avenue and Past LLC to James and Lee Knowles Schaner. Unit no. 210, Section 2, Wyndcrest Sq., $224,000

Blackwater Ridge LLC to James P. Supp, Sharon T. Supp and Natalie J. Supp. Lot 7, Block C, The Townes at Blackwater Ridge, $255,000

Thomas A. Rogers and Joshua Mezzano at Bootstrap Properties MJ. 1303 Tilden Avenue, $90,000

Patricia J. Jones to Christopher L. and Jennifer L. Rawlings. 109 Willow Avenue, $125,000

Brian A. McColl and Amy Marie McColl to Kameron D. and Keagan W. Burnett. 1416 Trents Ferry Street, $362,000

Savannah R. Byers and Rhonda L. Byers to Sarah Ok. Thorne and Calen Foster. Lot 1, Part E, Linkhorne Forest, $310,000

Tinsleys Properties LLC to Andrew J. Ling and Maria I. Cabanas. 1512 fifteenth Avenue, $159,900

John H. Camden, Rebecca H. Casey and Dorothy Houston Harris at Cheryl L. Samples. Components of Heaps 9 and 10, Block 2, Brooklawn Addition, $199,900

The Important LLC to Heidi M. Carey. Unit 213, The Waynes, $212,000

William C. Graham to Timothy L. and Tarah E. Clark. 1501 Granville Avenue, $219,900

Elizabeth J. Harvey to Suzanne Escoda, Matthew Clayton and Christine Clayton. 315 Keywood Drive, $190,000

Kayla B. Coles to Laura and Denver W. Morse. Lot 90, School Sq. at Wards Ferry, $175,000

Steven D. and Beth J. Colpetzer to William Frank Webb III. 6012 Piedmont Place, $230,000

DRV Building LLC to Jason Wayne and Elicia Michele Fleshman. Lot 3, Part 2, Sandusky Hills, $335,900

NVR Inc. to Asad GM Ehtesham and Farzana A. Ehtesham, trustees. Lot 25A, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $287,000

Elmwood Holdings LLC to RB30 LLC. Lot 18, Section I, Blackwater Run, $75,000

Marlin Travale Jones-Foster and Anna Gentry Jones-Foster to Kurt F. and Paula J. Martin. 1471 Tunbridge Street, $195,000

Foundry Actual Property LLC at Martin Ridge Properties LLC. 1417 Early Avenue, $115,000

Martha Ann Guill at HPP Holdings LLC. Heaps 35 and 36, Part J, Park Avenue Addition, $79,900

NVR Inc. to Vicki Butler Hensley. Lot 2A, Part 1, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $283,570

Sharon R. Oglesby at JC Enterprise Methods LLC. Lot 24, Part 3, Keystone Forest, $105,300

Linda C. Tomlinson to Igor and Kristina Krichevsky. Lot 1, Lakeland, $222,500

NVR Inc. to Ian Thomas and Natalie Michelle Macintyre. Lot 28B, Part 2, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $277,885

Sellari Enterprises Inc. to Deborah R. Magid. Lot 9, Cottage Hill, $515,000

Gene T. Moss Jr. and Meghan M. Moss to Zachary J. and Emily V. Phillips. Lot 9, Part 4, Irvington Park, $725,000

Vernon B. Wallace Jr. and Penelope P. Wallace at Serah Morningstar Nordgren. Heaps 2-6 and half of lot 7, Halsey Farm, $274,950

NVR Inc. to Nickolas Austin and Megan Elizabeth Shull. Lt 2B, Part 1, The Townes at Locust Thicket Subdivision, $298,325

Clyde A. Smith to Katelyn Yachere. Lot 601, Wyndsor Place Townhomes, $161,350

James E. Woods Sr. and Harry N. Woods to Elizabeth Ann Woods. 1514 Polk Avenue, $17,900

Constructing permits

Millenium Controls Inc., 22712 Timberlake Street, Pavilion, $60,000

Samuel Candler, 23 Semmes Court docket, finishes half of basement, $15,000

Jeffrey Jensen, 212 Windingway Street, basement bed room end, $20,000

Vincent Estes, 33 Davidson Street, modifications, $8,000

Winlove Properties LLC, lot 54, Heather Drive, new dwelling, $315,000

KDK Growth LLC, 292 Rainbow Forest Drive, demolition, $5,000

David Spradlin, 3323 Mt. Ethereal Street, new dwelling, $498,862

Lynchburg Market DST, 22088 Timberlake Street, signage renovation, $12,000

Jerry Brooks, 234 Suburban Street, bridge, $2,000

Kubota Leases of Lynchburg LLC, 13693 Wards Street, industrial modifications, $30,000

Rebecca Shumate, lot 21, Westview Circle, new dwelling, $200,000

Clifford Leonard III, lot 3, Lavender Lane, new dwelling, $200,000

H&S Holding Properties LLC, Lot 5, Goat Island Street, new dwelling, $320,000

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